Premium-Line 4-way Steckdosenleiste/Extension Socket

TV + HiFi berspannungsschutz / Surge Protection 30.000 A, 1,8m, Schwarz/Grau / Black/Grey
High performance protection against extreme surges and severe electric shocks up to a max. of 30.000 A. Arrangement of 3-core wiring protects live, neutral and earth wires. With thermal cut-out, additional protection against unforeseen increases in temperature of the varistors and shuts off from the mains supply in the event of power surges. An extremely short time for the lightning-fast suppression of the surge. Visual indicator that surge protection is active. With replaceable 10 A fuse. Illuminated 2-pole ON/OFF safety switch. Further protection against interference in radio/TV aerials. 1.8 m antenna lead included.
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