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The M.K. Computer ELECTRONIC GmbH as a high-tech goods shipper accepts support, and logistics services for products in the field of IT parts. With the M.K. Computer ELECTRONIC GmbH, manufacturers of electronic devices have found a partner who can draw on extensive experience in parts distribution. The company unites under its roof, replacement part supply agreements with major brand manufacturers.

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The company history of M.K. Electronic

1988 Massimo and Kerstin Scuderi found the service company M.K. Computer Electronic on the 21st March.

1990 Rosario Scuderi becomes a partner in the MK Computer Electronic GmbH. M.K. becomes an authorized repair center for Nokia Monitors. 

1994 M.K. supports 600 PCs and 400 printers in Germany. In Switzerland, a subsidiary is opened.

1995 M.K. launches its "Fuser exchange program." With the guarantee to supply spare parts within 24 hours and the customer has 14 days to return the defect parts for refurbishment for a fix price. Customers need no more expensive storage. 

1996 M.K. gets a parts-distribution agreement from Lexmark. The agreement includes the supply of spare parts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark. Central Europe logistics is constructed. The quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

1997 - 2000 M.K. gets the spare part distribution of Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Acer. The agreement with IBM is extended. A collaboration with a partner in Russia begins.

2001 M.K. gets the contract for the exclusive distribution of parts for Xerox printers. M.K. attends CeBIT and Systems fot the first time.

2002 M.K. gets the contract for the supply of Kyocera Mita parts. A cooperation with Poland and Hungary is established.

2003 M.K. opens offices in Austria and Italy. A new building with offive and logistics is planed in Göppingen for expansion.

2004 M.K. moves into it new building with 1000m² office, 4000m² warehouse and equipped with highbayrackingsystem for 1200 pallets. The foundation for further growth.

2006 - 2008 M.K. begins a partnership with PGE (Parts Group Europe) and takes over their logistics for many parts distributors. MK gets the exclusive distribution of spare parts for SAMSUNG. M.K. gets the title "Strategic EMEA Partner" from Lexmark. Extension of ISO certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 new environmental management.

2009 M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH and TomTech GmbH merge under the roof of MK. A strong  togetherness resulting better customer service and a higher competitivness.

2010 M.K. begins as an authorized parts distributor with the SAMSUNG COSMOS project (spare parts for the A3 devices).

2011 M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH in connection with the PGE expands  business in France and Czech Republic. Express Group becomes new PGE partner. 

2012 M.K. attends Paperworld and CeBIT in Cooperation with PGE as worldwide parts distributor. A new extensive online shop is launched, so customers can search, find and buy with ease 24/7 using the quick search option.

2013 M.K. attends Paperworld and CeBIT. M.K. becomes authorized parts distributor for Olivetti the for expanding the portfolio with more original parts for printer, PCs, laptops supporting European IT market.

2014 M.K. attends Paperworld and CeBIT. With further development of PGE, M.K. gains a new partner SPL from Southafrica, Johannesburg. M.K. expands in to several african and middle east countries. M.K. installs solar panels producing sustainable clean energy for the company and surrounding area. M.K. attends the IT and Business for the first time and presents the new portfolio for smartphone and tablet spare parts.

2015 M.K. attends Paperworld and CeBIT. M.K. opens a new subsidiary in Netherlands on the 1st September. Creating a new part to the infrastructure so M.K. can optimise delivery times, services and customer satisfaction.

2016: The office organization "Büroring" is an official partner and all members of the office ring can now use all parts of M.K. 

2017: M.K. Computer Electronic continues to focus on their international relationships at CeBIT in Hanover. Lexmark and Kyocera both choose the M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH as their distributor of the year what the managing directors of M.K. Computer Electronic proudly fulfilled. The continuous improvement processes in the warehouse / logistics area as well as in incoming orders are paying off.

2018: The M.K. Computer Electronic gets another managing director. Daniel Scuderi, the oldest son of Massimo Scuderi, is appointed as another managing director. The course for the future of M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH, as far as succession planning is concerned.

2019: New partnership with OKI. The M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH, based in Göppingen, is now responsible for the spare parts distribution of the manufacturer OKI in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. As a high-tech shipper, M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH Support and logistics services for IT spare parts. The company combines spare parts supply agreements with the largest brand producers under its roof - as is now also the case with OKI Europe

2020: In March of this year, a new era begins that will go down in human history as a radical change in digitization: The corona pandemic is changing all levels of the social and business environment of all people and companies worldwide. We at M.K. take immediate action to contain the virus from spreading. So we're switching to shift work, allowing part of the workforce to continue working in the home office and introducing the voluntary quick tests, which are carried out once a week by a med. Qualified personnel. Overall, the measures help to reduce the risk of infection in M.K. sinks to a minimum and we can maintain operations (almost) without major damage or losses for our customers.

2021: Our measures to reduce CO2 significantly contribute to the ecological balance of M.K. at. In the past year alone, M.K. through various measures, such as the generation of green electricity through renewable energies, emits more than 300 tons of harmful CO2. The first negotiations with the city of Göppingen and the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences regarding a hydrogen filling station on the M.K. Terrain is taking shape.


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The Part Group Europe (PGE) is currently the largest and most extensive network of spare part distributors in all of Europe.

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The company history of M.K. Electronic:

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